News Update - April 2016

During the coming months the children will be busy doing lots of fun activities, here are just a few of them.

Baby Learners

April we have been looking at animals. We made a display on Old Macdonald. We have enjoyed singing songs about animals,reading stories and learning what noises animals make!

In May we will be looking at shapes, numbers and colours. We will be doing lots of fun activities including number sponge painting, coloured water play and sensory exploration with things like jelly and shredded paper. We will be updating our builder’s tray over the weeks using different coloured objects as a theme.

As we go into June we will be looking forward to exploring the world around us. This will include looking at our family life and going on lots of summer walks to explore our local area.

We would like to welcome the new starters to Baby Learners and goodbye and good luck to the children moving to start their Journey in Little Learners.

Little Leaners

During April in the little Learners we have been looking at people who help us and the different ways in which they do. We have changed our home corner into a vet’s surgery and have used the role play area to dress up as doctors, fireman, police and postmen. We have been on walks around town to look out for people who help us and we hope to go on a walk to the local fire station. 

In May we will be looking at different animals, we will be talking about our favourite animals in the shaving foam, gloop and paint. We will be going on walks to see and feed the ducks and will be getting creative making animal masks.

We will be looking at Mini beasts in June, collecting bugs from the mini beast house in the front garden and looking at them using our bug brain. We will be playing the name the mini beast game and pairing them up. Finally, we will be having a class caterpillar and watching the life cycle of it until it becomes a beautiful butterfly.

We would like to welcome the new starters to little Learners and goodbye and good luck to the children moving to start their Journey in Rising Fives.

Rising Fives

Police visit the Rising FivesDuring April, the Rising Fives will be looking at “People who help us” we have had the police to come into the setting and talk to us about staying safe and the fire brigade are coming on the 10th May. 

We will be looking at how to stay clean and healthy and taking part in lots of arts and crafts.

On 27th April we will be holding a cake sale for the children’s hospital so look out for the sign.

It’s that time of year again when Rising Fives parents will find out what schools their children will be attending from September. We wish you all luck and I hope you all get your first choice.

During May we will be looking and talking about our new school we will be attending in September. We will also be planting more vegetables in our vegetable garden!

We hope June will bring us sunshine so we can enjoy some sunny days in the garden.  Our theme will be space and we will be looking at planets, stars, moon and why the sun is so important.

A big thank you to the children who attended the Easter Bonnet parade, all the hats where fantastic.

Find those eggs


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