Parent's Testimonials


“From the first day we visited the Nursery we knew it would be the right place, during the last four years we have never had cause to think we were wrong.”

“Thank you, for everyone who has looked after Dylan for the past three years making them very happy for him.”

“My daughter has been at the nursery for over 15 months, during this time it is my experience that the wide range of activities and nutrition on offer combine to promote a fantastic environment for childcare development. All of the staff takes great care to encourage the children and use very positive language; they provide informative feedback to parents and record this on a daily basis. The management take great pride in ensuring they provide a stimulating environment for the children. As a working mum it is fantastic for me that l do not need to think about anything other than providing a change of clothes, as everything is included in the fees.

It is often difficult to decide who to entrust the care of your child to when you return to work, but l cant think of anywhere better than Knutsford Day Nursery.”

The Rising Fives Team

“A very big thank you for looking after me so well over the past year or two. I have had a great time with lots of happy memories and made some good friends.”

To All The Staff at KDN

“Thank you so much for all the care and support you have shown toward ******* at such an important time in her development. I know she has really enjoyed her time with you.”

To Everyone at KDN

“Thank you for running such a lovely nursery, l know ******** adores you all and will miss you, Best wishes to you all for the future.”

Dear Suzanne and your amazing team

“We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful contribution you have all given to ******* formative years. She has had the most amazing time with you all, filled with laughter, fun and learning.”

Children's Testimonials

"Playing football outside is one of my favourite things to do at Nursery, also playing with the jigsaws.
I like Nursery because I can play with all my friends"
Jack - December 2012

"My favourite thing to do at Nursery is playing outside and colouring :)
I like Nursery because it's fun!"
Lucie - December 2012

"My favourite thing to play with at Nursery is playing with the Lego.
I like Nursery because I get to learn new things."
Joshua - December 2012

"Thank you all very much for all the support, love and cuddles over the last four years"

"Thank you for looking after me so well, I will miss you all."

"Thanking you for making my time at the Nursery so wonderful, I have been so happy with you."

"I like nursery because I want someone to play with me"
Logan - May 2012

"Because people help me"
Joshua - May 2012

"I like playing with the mobilo"
Henry - May 2012

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