One of our many strengths is that we endeavor to maintain consistency of staff in each room so that close bonds are formed by all the staff with each child. The size of the nursery allows “all the staff to know all of the children”.

Each child is assigned a key person who has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that they cherish and consider each child that they are the key worker for. Their role is to know the child’s like/dislikes, oversee their learning and be aware of their individual requirements. They will also complete their learning journal and will work in close partnership with parents. The key worker also encourages positive relationships with other staff members in the room and nursery allowing for the child to feel happy whenever the key worker is not present.

All staff assigned to key children are qualified to Level 3 in childcare or are working towards this qualification. We believe that the development of close bonds between staff and children is instrumental in forming attachments which help ensure the emotional wellbeing of children providing them with a secure base to explore the wider environment.