Health and Nutrition

Teaching and supporting children about being healthy is embedded in the routine and the curriculum at nursery. 

Every opportunity is taken to talk about and demonstrate healthy choices and to encourage children to eat well and learn about food. Fresh air, lots of active play and learning, healthy meals and snacks and plenty of encouragement to drink water throughout the day are just some of the simple ways we do this.

Our wonderful Food and Nutrition Co-ordinator Joan, provides fresh, seasonal menus that reflect a diversity of culture and taste and exceeds the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage meeting instead all the requirements of the voluntary Children’s Food Trust guidelines. Mealtimes are a very sociable occasion at nursery, tables are set with table covers with older children encouraged, with support, to set the tables, to serve their own meals and pour their own drinks. Adults sit together with all the children taking this perfect opportunity to chat and socialise.

Our nursery has been awarded 5 starts by the Food Standards Agency. For more information check out the Food Standards Agency.

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