The Reggio Approach

As part of our commitment to continuous professional development, we have over the last several months been researching the Reggio Approach to childcare.

What is Reggio Approach?

In educational terms, the northern town of Reggio Emilia has an established worldwide reputation for forward thinking and excellence in its approach to early childhood education. As the Reggio approach has evolved over forty years we could not replicate all its achievements, however, we can adopt certain aspects of the Reggio Approach as the key values complement the EYFS.

The key values of the Reggio approach complement the EYFS making it feasible to integrate within our practice.

Key Values of the Reggio Approach:

  • a powerful image of the child, it views children, parents, and teachers as strong competent and confident;
  • relationships where children, parents, and teachers are all equally important;
  • children’s creativity – emphasising the importance of the environment in supporting children’s development play and learning;
  • understanding how children learn as individuals and in groups, by setting aside time for long-term projects and reflective practice;

The Key Principles of quality in the EYFS:

  • having clear values and a vision to which everybody subscribes;
  • actively listening to children and respecting their ideas;
  • fostering children’s creativity;
  • giving time to build on what children already know and what interests them;
  • creating an attractive and effective environment for learning and development;
  • valuing the contribution of parent’s carers and families;

By working with this approach, we hope to deepen our work with children in a way which helps them develop an enquiring mind and a love for learning and discovery.